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A Converged World of Photonics and Electronics

Our Story

Founded in 2011, LaXense develops proprietary integrated photonics technologies and makes products for fiber optics market. Our experienced and multi-talented team and well established access to semiconductor fabs, foundries and assembling factories ensure the success of its research, development and production.

Our Vision

The $400B silicon semiconductor ecosystem has been cultivating a number of multi-billion non-IC fields and integrated photonics is right on its path to be the next. A deep understanding of this powerful, ubiquitous ecosystem combined with innovative thinking in photonics is the key to success and it's where LaXense exhibits its strength and provides values to its customers.


LaXense has been mass-producing Si and III-V optical chips, components and sub-assemblies and shipped  over 1M units to worldwide customers. We are actively developing our own IPs with over 10 issued patents with more in pending. We have been in close and strategic collaboration with a number of prominent optics and communications companies. 

Who are we

Photonic-Electronic System on a Platform (PESoP)

Integration is not a goal but a means to an end defined by performance, cost and manufacturability for a particular product. LaXense does not constrain itself to a single integration scheme instead develops a monolithic+hybrid approach by focusing on practicality and versatility for production.

How it works
Si Photonics | Integration Platform | Discrete | Services
Si Photonics Chips
  • High speed optical modulation

  • High speed photodetection

  • Photonic wave routing and manipulation

  • Optical and electrical I/O

What we offer
How to contact us
To contact us

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Job Opening

Photonics Engineer Wanted


Principal Photonics Engineer for LaXense, Inc. Master in Optics.  

Rsm to H.R. at 1730 W Cameron Avenue, Suite 100, West Covina, CA 91790

Tel: 626-338-0998

1730 W Cameron Ave., Suite 100
West Covina, CA 91790

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